Hi! I'm Ynne, a (mostly) digital artist that loves birds, dogs and fantasy. I also enjoy coding, reading, learning about other cultures and languages and trying new things.

I am not very active on social media, but you can find me on the following websites:

recent projects

New HomeMerch artist (coloring page)2021UndertaleLink
Into The WoodsIllustrator (two-page painting)2020MDZSLink

LUDUM DARE GAMESDescriptionYearLink
Just Another JobNarrative exploration game with slavic lore, visual novel with click and point mechanics2021Link
Dream Avatar MakerSurreal dream simulator ft. unexpected animal companions2019Link
Deity Hook-Up (Not A Romance)"You are a witchling and there are very important exams ahead of you. Will you be able to convince a Deity to help you out?"2018Link

commission info

The prices below are an appromixate estimate, I will give you the exact number after discussing the scope of work and getting all references! Design complexity, props and time constrains may affect the final cost.


lineart starting price
portrait20 USD
half body25 USD
full body35 USD

flat color

flat color starting price
portrait25 USD
half body30 USD
full body40 USD
simple shading+ 5 USD

fully rendered

rendered starting price
portrait40 USD
half body50 USD
full body65 USD

sceneries, painting, etc.

Custom estimates only.

additional info

  • Before starting, we will agree on a payment schedule (usually 1/2 after the first sketch, 2/2 before I send the final files).

  • No rush orders because I have a full-time job. If you have any deadline (e.g. birthday), tell me when ordering so I can confirm whether it's doable!

  • As I work on your commission, I can send you regular updates. You will receive 2-3 composition/pose sketches to choose from, clean sketch or lineart to approve, and then the finished piece. (More updates are possible, let me know if you prefer that.)

  • 3 free revisions included. When you receive the sketch, major changes are allowed (e.g. arms in a different pose). After you see the lineart, we can make minor changes (details). After I color the drawing, only color adjustments are included. Any additional revisions will be charged hourly.

  • The art is for personal use only. Commercial use requires additional agreement defining the conditions and costs of licensing. Personal use includes posting the art online for personal reasons, e.g. using it as a profile picture, sharing it on Discord or uploading it to character's Toyhouse. You are required to credit me when posting it online, if at all possible.

  • (If you receive multiple files, their names will indicate which one is resized for the ease of posting online. Please do not post full-size printable artwork online, there is a higher risk of someone stealing it, making profit from the art you commissioned or even claiming your character as their own!)

  • I retain the rights to use the completed project and preliminary designs for the purposes of my portfolio and the marketing of my business, unless we agreed otherwise.